Jenny - Account Manager


Account Manager


Hello, I’m Jenny, nice to meet you.
I chose a career in PR because I’ve always loved writing, meeting new people and unleashing my creativity – PR allows me to do all three!
What I love most about beauty is how the right haircut or a flattering new lipstick can totally change someone’s mood and make them feel special.
One of my proudest client achievement is seeing Cloud Nine Founder Robert Powls collect the British Hairdressing Business Awards Innovation of the Year trophy and knowing we helped make it happen.
Something that people may not know about me is I had my first piece of writing published at 10 yrs old.
My hidden talent is horseriding! I’m part of a dressage stable which I visit every weekend.
My beauty icon is Alexa Chung. I’d like to steal her hair and her style.
I believe what makes me fantastic at my job is always finding a way. If you live by the mantra there’s no such thing as can’t, you soon realise that you can find a solution to even the trickiest situation and reach your end goal.
My specialities are whipping up exciting copy that gets our clients noticed, developing and maintaining relationships with press and co-ordinating events such as backstage at LFW.
The thing I love most about my career is the people. Whether it’s an inspirational client, thought-provoking journalist or industry icon, my role allows me to meet so many interesting and amazing people.
My top beauty tip is warm up eyelash curlers before you use them as this will help set the curl ensuring a long-lasting, wide-awake flutter.