Stargazer Gets Glittery with Grazia!

We love a little sprinkling of glitter over the party season and it seems we’re not alone as we recently secured a triple whammy for British cosmetics brand Stargazer’s Glitter Stars in renowned women’s weekly magazine Grazia and on their website!

Showing us how the Grown-up Glitter trend should be worn, Beauty Director Liz Hambleton, used the Glitter Stars in Blue and Red to create a Two Minute Makeover video solely featuring Stargazer, racking up an impressive 33,900 shares on social media. Then in a second article they were dubbed as ideal for ‘The Christmas Party’ by Acting Beauty & Web Assistant Daniela Morosini who stated they were perfect for ‘a truly eye-catching look’.

But the mentions didn’t stop there as to top it all off, the Glitter Stars adorned the Contents page and Facial Decor feature in this week’s Grazia magazine!

With a combined reach of over 660,000 and 67,900 shares racked up on social media within just a few days, we’re delighted that showcasing Stargazer’s affordable, great-quality, trend-leading cosmetics to Grazia generated such far-reaching exposure for our client, which is sure to help boost that all important bottom line!

Links: View the Grazia Daily Two Minute Makeover and How To Wear Glitter, Gems and Stones.

Image credits: Images used thanks to kind permission of Grazia UK

Stargazer Gets Glittery with Grazia